❤ My Favorite Abs Workout ✰ 我最愛的收腹運動

My Little Story:  I don’t know if it is only me, but I Hate doing Full Sit-up. It causes a lot of neck stress (OK, maybe I don’t know how to do a proper sit-up), but here are some of my favorite Abs exercises that helps flatten the belly area, build stronger core and six-packs with no neck strain.

 1. Leg drops

2. Leg Circles

3. Reverse Crunches

4.”Chair” Crunches

5. Dumbbell Twist

6. Scissors
7. In and Outs

8. Flutter Kicks

9. Seated Bicycles


11. Butt Up


12. Cocoons


5 thoughts on “❤ My Favorite Abs Workout ✰ 我最愛的收腹運動

  1. ” I don’t know if it is only me, but I Hate doing Full Sit-up.” <– Haha … sometimes you read things and you just know that it was written for you. =p

    Thank you for your post … my abs are not happy now because for the next 30 days they'll be suffering … but I'll try to come back and repost if they change their mind!

  2. As promised – I’m back to update after 30 days … luckily I somehow remembered to check back in a month despite traveling. Thanks for blogging about this stuff Tiff!

    I’m having a love hate relationship with seated bicycles and cocoons for some reason… *shrug* but my abs definitely feel stronger despite my lack of diligence in doing these exercises daily.

    A fun exercise to share that I learnt in our PT class for abs was to 1) start by lying flat on our backs, arms above our head with a yoga ball either in our hands or between our feet then 2) by bending only at our hips bring your feet and hands together and transfer the ball and slowly return back to position 1.

    Lifting our shoulders off the floor focuses on our upper abs and the leg drop component focuses on our lower abs.

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